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I'm a University student living in Lethbridge, AB. It's really windy here and sometimes that makes it difficult to ride my bike. I have one internship left until I am a certified high school English teacher, which sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable because I'm really not that much of a grownup.

My name is commonly misspelled and mispronounced. I like sewing, my turtle, body mods, nature, Iceland, a vast variety of music, festivals, being outdoors, cephalopods, accessories, incense, literature and smells that remind me of the past.

The power of words can conquer all.

Attn: Rose

I meant to bring your letter with me on my trip this weekend so I could write you while I sat in the sun but I left it on my desk. I’ll finish it up next week and send it right away. Sorry for the delay.

Thinking of you,


  1. showyourrose said: It’s all good my love! Looking forward to hearing from you soon, hope you have a marvellous weekend! xx
  2. letsowlgetalong posted this
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